How do I request an instant payout?

Once you get paid, you will see a "Receive payout in minutes" button next to each invoice in your pending deposits list. You will also be able to request an instant deposit via a link in the payment confirmation email.

How long does it take to receive an instant payout?

You can request Instant Payouts any day or time, including weekends and holidays, and funds typically appear in the associated bank account within 60 minutes.

How much do instant payouts cost?

There is a 1% fee for instant payouts, with a minimum of 50C.

Who is eligible for instant payouts?

New Wingspan users aren’t immediately eligible for Instant Payouts. Instant Payouts are generally available in the United States. If your account is based in a different country but you want access to Instant Payouts, you can contact us.

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