Since our last pricing update in 2019, we've shipped dozens of features like tax withholding, recurring invoices, and collaborator payments.

We're updating our pricing to make Wingspan more accessible to individuals and to make it easier for companies hiring contractors to pay & manage them.

New memberships that grow with your business: Enterprise, Teams & Individual

Manage & pay your contractors with our new Enterprise plan

If you employ contractors, save the hassle of onboarding, compliance, payments and more with Wingspan Enterprise. Our one-stop shop gets freelancers the support and benefits of full-timers.

Scale your team with the new Teams plan

Pay collaborators, invite teammates and streamline W-9 and 1099 compliance with the Teams plan.

Run your business-of-one with the new Individual plan

Payments (invoicing & payables), income & expense tracking, and tax withholding are now free on our Individual membership.

Learn more about each membership on our updated pricing page.

How will my current membership change?

I have currently have an Essentials plan, what will change?

If you currently have an Essentials membership, you will be upgraded to our Teams membership for indefinitely at the cost of your existing membership.

Your new Teams membership will include everything you love in Essentials like benefits, invoicing and tax withholding. You'll also get collaborator payments, the ability to invite teammates to your account, and more.

I have currently have a Professional plan, what will change?

Your Professional plan will become a Teams plan at no additional cost, and the current cost of your membership will be locked in indefinitely. Your membership will also include the Wingspan Benefits add-on.

I have currently have a Premium plan, what will change?

Your Premium plan will become a Teams plan with the Wingspan Benefits, S-Corp Payroll and Dedicated CPA add-ons ($5,544/year value). We'll honor the current price of your membership until Oct '22.

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